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  • Apply before 1st of April, 2018

Find our application process below.


You are just a few weeks away from a life changing experience.

Step 1 : Instant Apply

Apply in less than 2 minutes.

Step 2: WONE Interview

Receive your 1st interview in less than 48 hours upon application.

Step 3: Security Deposit (Refundable)

Secure your spot once you are accepted. The USD$500 is refundable in case of a failure of placement due to a valid reason.

Step 4 : Company Interview

You will receive your first company interview within 1-6 weeks when you placed security deposit.

Step 5 : Secure your Placement

Once you are accepted by the company, you are supposed to finalise your remaining program fee in order to be 100% enrolled in WONE.

Get your summer started!

One of our staff will be contacting you to support your departure preparations personally. You will arrive in the destination and get picked up by our on-site staff.

Ready to take on the WONE Experience?
Apply Early Bird before 15th of December to receive:

 1. A Discount of USD $100 on our Program Fee
2. A Free Sightseeing Ticket to a Unique Tourist Spot
3. Be the Annual Lucky Winner of a Free Helicopter Tour