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A good start-up cannot survive without fresh ideas and talented minds. That’s why we are here for you, and it’s completely free of charge.

We hunt talents for you

Diversify your start-up with an international person, cost free

Searching for an intern can be time and financially consuming.  That’s why we are here. WONE offers you a talent and an inspiration. We reach out, screen the students  from all over the globe and connect to their profile matches you the best, which is why you will only receive what you are looking for. Connect with us, and let the intern inspire you.

We connect the best students 

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Would an ordinary person take on an international journey to live and work for a start-up abroad? Probably not. 
WONE takes the most capable students to your office space, within 3 weeks upon application.



We expand your network globally
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Hiring interns through WONE means that your company’s name will be exposed to other countries. With this means that your network will expand and your brand awareness will increase. We connect the best start-ups and universities to help you gain market exposure to another continent.

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